3D Printer

Published 2013-01-15

Saturday, a few days ago, I finally received the long-awaited Solidoodle 3D printer in the mail. The box was well packed, with sufficient packing, and I was impressed with the solid feel of the build.

I got it in the mail like this:

Solidoodle Printer, in box

It was well secured in the package, and well packed with bubble wrap:

Solidoodle printer, unboxed

The printer is a basic angle-iron frame. It looks very utilitarian, definitely not a polished product but very solid feeling:

Solidoodle printer, unwrapped

A closer view of the extruder head:

Solidoodle printer, head close-up

After setting it up and being frustrated with Windows, it turns out I really just needed to do a better job at reading Solidoodle's well written instructions.

I downloaded the archer figurine from the Pocket Tactics game, and set the printer to work. After a few tweaks to the heater temperature and the bed, this was produced:

An archer figurine made using the Solidoodle 3D printer

There is some malforming of the plastic due to the feed temperature of the plastic being too high, but overall I am reasonably well impressed with the detail work.

Overall I'm satisfied with the Solidoodle printer, it's a safe purchase if you have the inclination to purchase a 3D printer.